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| At Spirit of Reiki we offer a variety of treatments, group events & courses combining evidence based practice with alternative healing to get YOU back to feeling like YOU again. |

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Deep Tissue Massage

Holding tension in your neck and shoulders? Back pain lasting longer than usual? Suffering from tension head aches?

This treatment is for you!

We combine techniques from sports & Swedish massage to release knots/trigger points, muscular and fascial tension leaving you feeling looser, lighter and knot free.

(£35 - 30mins - Back, Neck & Shoulders)

(£50 - 60mins - Full body)

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Massage & Reiki Combo

**Our most popular treatment option and a personal favourite!**


Is it time for you to slow down?


Have you been pushing and pushing, in constant cycles of stress and busyness that it feels like you can't stop? 

A dysregulated nervous system, constantly running on empty to keep on top of the never ending to do lists, the demands of productivity culture, is bound to leave you feeling drained, anxious and contribute to an array of health issues, physical and mental. If this is you then it is time to give back to yourself, keep an open mind and allow this combination of alternative energy healing and therapeutic massage to guide you towards a lighter body and lighter mind. 


We have yet to see someone leave without receiving a deep benefit from this treatment.
(1hr/60mins - £50)

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Reiki Courses (Level 1 & 2 available)

Feeling called to Reiki? 

The first step towards becoming a Reiki practitioner is stepping into a journey of self healing. It is a journey to your purest most unfiltered self, which you will realise has always been there beneath the stories and beliefs we carry through life. Through the Reiki training we hold a space and give you the tools to presence yourself, you will in turn lean into removing the layers of limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and energy that isn't aligned with our truest essence. It is ongoing life work and can be deeply life changing for some. 

Next course available:
Reiki Level 1 (Shoden) - September 26-28th  - 13:00 - 19:00  
*Includes additional 2 hour group follow up session 21 days post level 1 course*

Reiki Level 2 (Okuden) - June 19th- 21st - 13:00 - 19:00
Offering :
Level 1 - £175 - £150 if signed up before 5th of July
Level 2 - £175 

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Sports Massage

Are those niggles stopping you from enjoying your workout routine? Are the recurring aches and pains limiting your athletic performance? Perhaps you know you need a treatment but you're afraid to book the "dreaded" sports massage?


Fear not, we can help...

With each treatment we assess and use evidence based practice, tailoring each session to your body, lifestyle and training program.  We work within your comfort zone and collaborate with you to get to the root cause of the problem, getting you right back on track in no time!
(1hr/60mins - £50)


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Reiki Healing

Looking for a space of mindfulness, rest, connection to self and deep inner healing? 

Feeling ready for change in your life but not sure how to start?

Whatever your reasons, Reiki can benefit anyone who is willing to be open and receptive. Reiki is not a religion and does not require you to buy into a belief system for you to feel the benefit. 


In a Reiki Treatment we gently work through the energy centres and meridians of the body to clear blockages, bring balance, personal growth and facilitate a space for inner healing, be it mental, spiritual, emotional or physical.

(1hr/60mins - £45)

Conscious Connected Breathwork

This is an evidence based practice that has powerful transformative effects on the mind, body and soul. This type of Breathwork connects the conscious & conscious mind opening up the doors for deep healing, integration and transformation on multiple levels. 

One to one sessions are typically 1hr.30 guided by Leah - your Trauma informed Breathwork facilitator - within the comfort of your own home or within one of our therapy rooms within Eastbourne. 

See our "events" page for group sessions & ceremonial workshops or contact us for one to one bookings. 


Offering: £65 per session - currently on offer for £50


Leah Clara

 Trauma informed Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist.  My training began with “Corrective High performance Exercise Coaching & Kinesiology” (aka CHECK Coaching) which has a heavy focus on natural movement, physiology, managing back pain and building inner core strength.

I offer a variety of treatments including clinical Remedial/Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, one to one/group Conscious Connected Breathwork events as well as alternative healing therapies such as Reiki. In addition to the treatments offered I also run Reiki Level 1 & 2 courses and guided cold water immersion with the use of regulating breathwork. 

My approach is unique as I combine my clinical and holistic knowledge when working with clients, addressing injuries, stress, mental & emotional health on both a physical and energetic level.

I have been fortunate enough to gain a variety of experience working with all sorts of training styles and individuals, ranging from athletes and military soldiers to gym goers, runners & yogis!


Go ahead and follow me! 

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Contact Me

Please note that bookings require a £10 deposit via a secure link that will be sent to you once your booking has been arrange.

Please include your name, contact details with your preferred dates & times!

Questions about the treatments and curiosity about Reiki treatments and courses are also very welcome. 

Telephone: 07522 456551


All treatments are located within a private studio at the Wellness Warehouse & Hotpod Yoga Eastbourne.  Unit, 7, Harvington business park, Brampton Rd, Eastbourne BN22 9BN

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